Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet boys!

The boys are really having a good summer! Spending a lot of time at the pool. Which is nice for me, cause they both are soooo eager to help around the house with no winning at all! Now if we could keep it up year round i'd have it made

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Kate is the newest addition to our family! She is a boxer and chocolate lab mix. She a good doggie. Some very nice lady was needing a good home for her. And we couldn't tell those blue eyes no.

Nicole, Beau and Lucy joined us and we all ended up in Ridgeway at Mom's for a BBQ

Dad showing them the grapes!

Fishing at the Farm!

Well we really were fishing but it got so hot brandon decided to take a dip in the pond!

This is Brandon's first big jump into the pond

Lone Star Children's Church

It's been super fun doing this. I am far from being done but here is some progress pics. Enjoy!

Starting the Summer off right!

Here's Brandon and Collin with Abbey, Gracie and Lilly at the Albany pool. Beau and Lucy were there but had left before the picture was taken.

Cooling off from Missouri heat and humidity.

Collin's even brave enough this year for the diving board.

A big breakfast

I did a big breakfast at my house for Mom, Dad, Nicole and the kids. It turned out really good and was a fun morning.

Here's Beau and Brandon posing for the picture. Their great boys!

And mom helping me serve everyone while I still was cooking some pancakes.